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Brownfield Project Management – The Lean Portfolio

02 May 2019 | Doha | Register
05 May 2019 | Kuwait City | Register
07 May 2019 | Abu Dhabi | Register

Greater asset improvement, in less time for less money.The day offers an energizing mix of theory and practice including two sessions of team-based simulation. Expertly coached by industry renowned Stuart …Read More

Risk Assessment, Leadership and Cultural Development

06 May 2019 | London | Register

Want to create a high performing safety culture in your organization? This course takes you on a journey by combining the knowledge needed in foundational risk assessment with how to actively lead safety …Read More

Introduction to the Petroleum Industry

08 May 2019 | London | Register

Reducing our carbon footprint will transform the 55 trillion US dollars petroleum industry. Oil and gas supplies around half of the world’s energy demand that continues to increase. How do we meet demanding a carbon-cons…Read More

Process Control

16 June 2019 | Doha | Register

Theory is one thing practice is another. From PID to model-based techniques, academic process control doesn’t get to grips with process dynamics and how to match and tune the right control technique for the process. We d…Read More